My name is Simon I’m Italian by blood but traveled the world learning and exploring, I’m 48yo lives in The uk and I am open for almost any request Any fantasy you have, no matter how crazy you think it is, beginners and first timers are welcome. I been doing tantra for the last 12 years and Yoni for the last 11 years helping women and couples improve life and love.



Exclusive and unique massage for ladies and couples.

​I Offer and Request Discretion, Confidentiality & Respect

this is about pleasure and exploring new things.


I offer Tantra and Yoni massage service at your Hotel or Airbnb in the UK, my specialty is yoni massage therapy along with woman’s body tantric massage.

Thats a very powerful tool for tantric yoni massage therapy with years of yoni massage techniques learning and experience your enjoyment is guarantee

During your Tantra Massages, you will be lead on an excursion which won’t just assist you with unwinding, however will chip away at reconnecting you with your body. Every day we separate ourselves from our body with some numerous qiuck fixes it drives us to detail of ignorance which we as tantric masseuses attempt to revive.

Tantra Massage joins astounding style and feel that is not normal for any others. Every single one of our back rub rooms have been flawlessly enriched utilizing the appropriate lighting, guaranteeing our clients feel totally loosened up the second they come in. To stir your exotic side, we will utilize fragrant oils, scented candles, delicate music and sensitive abilities.


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Tantra massage

Tantric yoni massage

Tantra comes from a Sanskrit word meaning freedom. Antiquated Indian way of thinking of religion is a stream, initially a supernatural type of Hinduism, the quintessence of which is to finished our cognizance and to climb over our actual existence. Antra instructs you to “you are essential for Creation, with the limitless aspects” Tan connects extraordinary significance to cherish, to uncovering sentiments and awareness, and to attempt to get what is befalling us. On the off chance that we get what’s going on, made of one natural being, one body, one sanctuary, one consecrated place.

Suggestive erotic back rub is the utilization of extraordinary strategies for rub procedures to accomplish upgrade sexual excitement. Has for quite some time been utilized for therapeutic purposes. Obviously, long been utilized sensual energy is delivered. You can use also for certain events, prior to having intercourse or foreplay or as the last sex act. This sensual back rub invigorates the erogenous zones on the body increments sexual excitement. All aspects of your body in a tantric back rub is regarded, stroked and regarded in equivalent measure. It is fundamental that the disposition and outlook are of the right expectation so the emphasis is absolutely on the physically arousing parts of it that impact the energy stream, as opposed to the worry being for sexual delight or sensuality. Despite the fact that the back rub will probably feel sensual and sexual, this isn’t the reason for the back rub.

Yoni Massage Therapy

What makes a Massage Tantric?

It is important that as a result of the erotic charming environmental elements, yet additionally due to the demeanor. Honor, honor, participation. We are regarded to with help out our energies and our awareness to contact our spirit through our bodies. Tantric back rub isn’t equivalent to sensual back rub, yet it has suggestive substance.

It is an involvement with which the body is a congregation that has been made for the revelation and regard of the spirit wherein the soul – as a divine being or goddess might show itself. Tantra rub is an inception where the normal energy courses through the body and the heavenly being, the fire and the light are found. Rub is likewise an initial that expects to consolidate sexual energy and want with something greater, something more excellent than the ego.Tantra rub is to open the body and stream the existence energy.Continuing the customary tantric precepts, before the sexual fervor happens, it is important to open the channels of the body to cover the existence energy (kundalini). Lovely, sexy back rub profound tenderly eliminates pressure that hindered the stream and forestalled our own life energies in the free stream opening of channels, meridians and spine.The spine is where the energies can stream the quickest. As an initial segment of the back rub program, with Swedish back rub, muscles around the spine are kneaded, in this way unwinding and separated regions are delivered, giving space to energy stream in the spine. Thusly, Kundalini knead permits you to open the energy directs in the spine and body, making a harmony among left and right, male and female energies. Whenever the meridians (energy channels) are opened up in the body, our actual body permits us to become mindful that we are other than just a physical being. We experience the progression of life energy and that we are essential for the Universe. This state is an association with “yes”, “outside of us”.To be open and to interface sexuality with the heart and psyche when opened, sexual energy can be stirred. In this condition of cognizance, which is a developed, thoughtful state, recollections, fears, laments, nerves as disgrace can rise out of the psyche. The body answers this. The muscles, the bowl, the rump and the thigh might be fixed.

To determine this, we proceed with the suggestive back rub, which is a smoothing, spoiling, narcotic stroke at the chest, arms, stomachs, the bowl, then, at that point, the external and inward sides of the thigh. Subsequently, the heart opens since we sense that we are getting love and having the option to retain it. This smoothing knead decreases obstruction, delivers the judgment and permits us to just give ourselves the joy.


– An Authentic Tantric Therapist reveres the entire of the body, brain and soul… utilizing delicate stroke, her female instinct, unadulterated cherishing goal and the lightest of fingertip contacts ~ deliberately developing sexual excitement, permitting it to course through to the pieces of the body that long for it the most.

– A tantric back rub typically completes the process of, contingent upon the requirements and progress of every person with a yoni or lingam knead which fires the kundalini to climb through the body, in this way making snapshots of enlivening ~ while yoni massage an ecstatic entire body climax.

– A tantric specialist touches the blazes of delight and energy, which typically utilizes lingam or yoni methods and in this manner makes new faculties.

Tantra massage is a sexual healer

We proceed with the mending sensual back rub at the first chakra (sex chakra) where the strains aggregate. Stress makes an establishment for dread, a battle that when mended, it will quiet down and give us satisfaction, transparency and flexibility. Yoni Massage or Lingam Massage for Yoni and Lingam Healing is a gently massage for sensual massage. The following stage is the recuperating of Yoni or Lingam, a non-genuine suggestive back rub fully intent on mending the sexual organs as energy focuses and interfaces. Mending can not happen, if the assumption isn’t healing or awakenings. Any previous negative experience could be put away now, bringing about cold-heartedness, torment, sexual brokenness, problems, fears, and bugs. By back rub can to defeat these feelings of trepidation and ready to disintegrate restraint.

Yoni Massages

*Heal our body and mind. *Promote the release of sexual trauma or difficulties, impotence, premature ejaculation, fear of sexual commitment, relationships & intimacy. *Awakens usto our true self and highest potential. * yoni massage Allows enlightenment to be realized for it happens within this human skin not as an escapism to another dimension. *Supports us in feeling safe in our own skin while surrendering to life’s natural flow. *Encourages sex to be a whole body and loving experience without goals or agendas of the mind. *Enrich our relationship with our true self. *Deeply connect us with another. *Allow our senses to awaken, living a sensual life. *Give us a immense pleasure and satisfaction. *Release a creative force that weaves in and out of our daily lives. *Unleash our potential as a spiritual being. *Expand our consciousness. *Bring a sense of presence our life. *Reveal a way of seeing life without the illusions of the mind… *Allow bliss to permeate-into each moment of life. *Unite our feminine & masculine energies, our sexuality & spirituality, promoting wholeness within.


Why you should choose Tantric massage?

*Experience of body consciousness *Removes body barriers and releases energy flow *If you only want touch *If you would like to give an unforgettable common experience to your partner, this kind of massage the best choice.